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Why Don’t’ We Pay for Parking and for the Bus by Phone App?

by Daniel Gloade on September 1, 2016

For those that use Kitchener Transit, there is an Application that you can download.  It will provide bus routes and real time locations for buses.  Unfortunately, it does not allow you to pre-pay for your ride.  Instead, one must purchase a Card that one can either load up beforehand or pay a flat rate.  Why not allow individuals to pay online using their cell phones?  This is an option for passengers in the United Kingdom.  Customers can get upset by getting yet another card.  Also, customers may avoid the bus because they do not have exact change.  Both problems can be solved with this app.

Similarly, several cities in Canada allows people to pay for parking by phone.  It is already in place at Toronto, London and Ottawa.  People will be more willing to shop downtown if they don’t have to worry about having loose change for the meter, or running back to feed the meter.

These measures will increase revenue for the city and will make taxpayers happier.

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