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When the Federal Government is your Customer

by Daniel Gloade on October 30, 2015

Some business owners in the Kitchener-Waterloo area want to sell goods and services to the Federal Government.  How does one do that?

A place to start is the Website (it’s a mouthful) Public Works and Government Services Canada- Help for Small and Medium Enterprises.  You can access the website directly here.

It will connect you to the website of Federal Government tenders.  The list is a searchable database.  First you discover the Goods and Services Information Number (GSIN).  You can then use that number to easily search the government databases.

The website includes both temporary job offers and standing offers.  Even if you feel that it was unlikely that the Federal government would do business with you, searching the standing offer section will quickly show you if you are missing out on a long term and paying customer.

The database also shows past offers that are now closed.  This information is useful in order to assess the Federal government’s demand for your type of business.

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