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by Daniel Gloade on July 11, 2013

Many small business owners have filed their taxes by the 15, June, 2013 deadline.  I have done so.  This somewhat traumatic event has caused me to think about taxes.  Here are some random thoughts.

My first bit of advice is to be unafraid of Revenue Canada.  Don’t assume that you owe tax simply because Revenue Canada states that you do.  Revenue Canada employees, like everyone else, makes mistakes.

At one time I had to appeal a decision from Revenue Canada.  I found the personnel to be very friendly and helpful.  I successfully resolved my issue.  I dealt with Revenue Canada directly.

If you feel that you need someone to intercede on your behalf, there is the Taxpayers Ombudsman. The website is

I found a lobby group called the Federation of Independent Business.  It has a paper discussing how Canadian small business can save on taxes.  It is located at

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