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by Daniel Gloade on January 12, 2015

When considering the problem of climate change, one thinks of massive undertakings by scientists, governments and corporation.  In reality, much of our success so far has been from small business.  Small businesses from Kitchener-Waterloo are no exception to this rule.

There was an interesting article from The Record regarding Guelph’s reputation as a clean energy provider.  You can find it here. The article cites a document published by Clean Energy Canada called “Tracking the Revolution”. You can find it here. I believe it is worth a look.  It breaks down the policies of individual provinces and provides insight as to potential new markets and investments.

For example, in Ontario there is a Feed-In Tariff.  If you use renewable energy to power your farm or factory then you can sell excess power to Ontario’s electrical grid.  You can also draw from the grid when you renewable power supply is insufficient.  I thought all provinces had such a system, but I was mistaken.

Small businesses can also improve its environmental record by upgrading the insulation of their buildings.  I have yet to see a business with triple-paned windows even though they would save on heating costs.  The advantage to improving the insulation of a building is that it is very likely that the investment would create a profit.   There is no reason to believe that energy prices will go down and insulation will increase the value of your capital asset.  The sooner the investment is made, the more likely you will avoid competing for contractors when there is a price spike for home heating.

Finally, businesses can examine themselves to see if they can produce their goods and services in a more environmentally responsible way.  I found an interesting booklet here called:”Beyond Big” from an organization called Climate Smart.

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