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Posting Potential Future Regulations (or De-regulations) is a Good Idea

by Daniel Gloade on May 4, 2016

In the United States there are frequent calls from the Republicans to decrease government regulation.    Regulation is seen to be a tariff that interferes with the workings of the free market.  Many conservative economic theorists pose that regulation is bad for the economy.

I don’t believe that the issue of regulation should be framed in such a manner.

Regulations are not arbitrary.  They are put in place to address specific concerns.  Regulations should be made or removed based on the evil that the regulation is meant to address.

The concern I have is that many governments attempt to remove regulations using lobbyists.  There is no open robust debate as to the merits of the regulation itself.

It has been suggested that if a business wishes to remove or change a regulation, the proposed changes should be posted on the internet.  The public can review the proposed change and make comments.

To my knowledge, this approach has not been embraced in the United States.

Fortunately, public notice of proposed regulatory changes is becoming the practice in Canada.

You can see proposed changes to regulations in Ontario by looking at the website recorded here.

A similar registry for the federal government is scheduled to be completed in 2016.  A status report can be found here.

I believe that open public debate about proposed regulatory changes is the only appropriate method of addressing this issue.

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