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by Daniel Gloade on July 8, 2013

Family and Children’s Services of Waterloo has been under a great deal of media scrutiny in the past year.  The attention was due to the agency being over budget by $2.5 million.  The Record discussed the issue in this article:

The C.A.S. administration responded by laying-off at least 20 employees, and eliminating causal worker positions.

The local F and C.S. is in a difficult position because three children have died while in the F and C.S.’s care in the last three years.   Details about this history can be found here:  It is perfectly understandable that the F and C.S. wants to be more thorough to prevent future deaths.  Also, as the article discussed, these deaths made citizens more likely to contact F and C.S. if abuse was observed.  All of these reports have to be investigated.

Unfortunately, while the F and C.S. receives more pressure to do more, the Auditor criticizes F and C.S. for too much intervention.  An article about the audit can be found here:

In defence of the Ontario government, it has agreed to make up the budget shortfall for last year.  Details of that decision can be found here:

Perhaps the only solution is for more people to do volunteer work at F and C.S.  The application form can be found here:

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