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by Daniel Gloade on November 4, 2013

The Record has just written about a local business that is very exciting.  You can find the article at:  In summary, David Brix, the President of Guelph-based Terraview Homes, is exploring the possibility of installing a car-charger in homes that he builds.  Installing the charger during construction (including the wiring) significantly reduces the costs of the installation.

The car charger will likely give people enough charge to commute to work.  What about long trips, however?  The solution may be allowing cars to recharge while they are driving.  The Koreans have had some success with this technology.  There is an article about it here:  In essence, the Government of Canada would install wireless charging mats throughout the 401.  The amount of electricity used by each car will be monitored by way of a transceiver.    The charging mats will only be along major highways like the 401.  Since people will not be nearby, there is less of a health concerns regarding residing near large electro-magnetic sources.  The fact that the maps are only along one major route will reduce the Government’s installation cost.

There is also a local connection to my suggestion.  In a previous article, I discussed the advanced research facility to test wireless technology.  I suggest that research regarding mobile car charging would be time well-spent.


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