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Human Waste Problem also gives Small Business Opportunities

by Daniel Gloade on March 16, 2015

The Region of Waterloo is considering how improve the management of the elimination of human waste.  Bacteria eat most human waste. The remaining sludge is shipped in trucks to a treatment facility.  It is dried and turned into “biosolids”.  The municipal government is considering keeping the biosolids within the municipal borders.  The Record has an excellent article and you can read about it here.

What makes this debate so interesting is that biosolids are a useful material.  One can use it as fertilizer, landfill, a fuel source or a building material.  You can find more details about the commercial uses for biosolids here.

Many of our economic activities harm the environment.  The treatment of biosolids, however, provides opportunities for growth and profit while pursuing an environmental agenda.  Anyone engaging in research in this field will not only have local customers but will have technology that will be in great demand in growing economies such as China and India.

We spend too much time focused on gasoline and automobiles.  Many different “fronts” can be explored to reduce our environmental footprint.  The exploration of the environmental elimination of human waste is just starting.   This area is a good opportunity for scientists and investors to get on the ground floor of a business that will always be in demand and will provide real value to the consumers.

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