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by Daniel Gloade on October 7, 2013

I read a very interesting article in The Record today.  You can find it here:  The central premise is that the city can have a secure future if future university graduates decide to remain here.

Since most university graduates are women, the article emphasizes making the downtown core safe and pleasing to women.  It cites more street-lighting and from below to be more aesthetically pleasing.

This would suggest that small businesses should consider the following:

  • Is parking close by?  Is the business and parking area well lit?
  • Do children have something to occupy them while the mother is conducting business (a specific play area with toys?)
  • Do you offer employees a flexible work schedule?
  • Do you have some form of sexual harassment policy?  Is it in writing?
  • Do you have a plan if your employees go on maternity leave?
  • Have you researched what would attract women to your business?  This research can range from professional research to simply asking female friends what “connects” with them with regard to your type of business.  The answers may surprise you.

With regard to my personal situation, I am satisfied that my business is in a safe neighbourhood with both the parking area and building itself being well-lit.   I feel my advertising is appropriate and I have no employees.  I am considering buying some toys for the waiting area, however.

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