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Cutting Edge Digital Products Available to Businesses at the Local Library

by Daniel Gloade on February 15, 2017

There is much talk to day about cutting edge media.  Specifically, resources that can be used to create and edit webinars, podcasts, digital promotions, demo tapes and virtual simulators.   Many small businesses, however, do not have the financial capital to invest in this new media or pay companies to generate it.

The Kitchener Public Library has plans to make these resources available to anyone having a library card.  They very clearly intent want these resources available to local businesses to generate a profit.

They include:

  1. A virtual reality studio
  2. A 3D printer
  3. A centre to transfer VHS and photo negatives to digital
  4. A digital audio studio

There is an article about these programs in the Record.  You can find it here.

The local library is seeking funds to offset the costs of these resources.  For local small business this may be a wise investment.

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