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Bee Health in Kitchener Waterloo

by Daniel Gloade on August 21, 2016

As you are aware, there is a great deal of discussion regarding possible bee extinction.  The Kitchener-Waterloo City Hall is now contemplating making the city “bee friendly”.  You can read more about this issue in the Record article located here.

More directly, there is research connecting bee health and a type of pesticide called Neonicotinoids.  Canada’s position regarding these pesticides can be found here.

Basically, most of the bee deaths from pesticide comes regarding dusting soybean and corn crops.  The Canadian government has order new methods to reduce the bee deaths, but it is too soon to determine if these measures are sufficient.

But what would Canada do if it cannot use Neonicotinoids?  There is an interesting article on the debate located here.  It is called: “Neonics: better alternatives or only option?” by Robert Arnason.  It is found in the 11 June 2015 issue of Producer Magazine.   You can read it here.

Although the solutions are not clear, we need to address this issue.  Bees are a vital part of our local ecosystem.

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