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by Daniel Gloade on June 26, 2013

I hate to sound like a grumpy old curmudgeon, but here is a list of things that bother me.  They are not limited to people who have their own business and they are certainly not limited to the Kitchener-Waterloo area.  I wanted to vent just the same.

I find that street signs are approximately 1/2 the size that they need to be.  They need have a colour other than green so that they stand out against the green leaves on trees.  They also need to be approximately 2 feet lower so that the driver’s view is not blocked by street lights;

If a form requires someone to record his or her name and address, there should be at least four lines available.  Five lines are even better.  The lines should be long enough so that people can write long, hyphenated names;

If you need to fill out an application form, then give the writer an opportunity to type his or her information on the form directly.  I personally hate having to take the time to carefully print letters on a form;

It is the sad fact of life that automated telephone receptionist is here to stay.  If you are providing someone contact information about you personally, then please don’t just record the number to the main reception.  Beside your phone number please record the numbers on the menu options that connect to your department.  At least the individual does not have to listen to all of the options before hitting the right number on the telephone;

In civil court (divorce court or litigation) parties must fax Confirmation Forms to the courthouse two or three days prior to a court appearance.  The Ministry of the Attorney General has a website showing the addresses and phone numbers of all Ontario courthouses.  The website does not record the fax numbers to the courthouses.  It would save time both for litigants and court staff if the fax number for Confirmation Forms is recorded on the website;

I hate it when I overpay a company and instead of getting my money back I get a “credit” against my next purchase.  What if I don’t want to buy anything further from them?

If a website demands that you answer a series of questions to confirm your identity then allow the writer some leeway regarding letter capitalization, spelling or punctuation. If the party can remember the gist of the answer, that should be good enough;

I miss the correct spelling of ‘doughnut’.

That’s all for now.   My next entry will talk about the pitfalls of marriage contracts.


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